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These are the things you can do on FB.The more important point is about how to build a strong and genuine Fan base on Facebook? There are various ways of generating Fans.You need to build as per your business theme.

Hi Nicole,

This is great information! I am a small business owner and I am always looking for ways to promote my business. I just purchased some really nice and inexpensive promotional pieces about a month ago(magnets, coffee mugs & assorted pens) for my business and I am already reaping the benefits from them. However, it would be nice to utilize some of these resources here and do a little bit of promotion for free! Thanks so much for sharing!

Hi Nicole,

I've also just started a new one - (specifically for organic and eco-friendly baby/kids market). Thanks for all the great links!!

Thanks! This is great.

Just found your blog recently. Amazing advice! Thanks!

We love Market me Marketing!
Don't forget Aussie Mumpreneurs too, the official shout out page for connect2mums online community & magazine:

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