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Congratulations on your first birthday!
After several years of being out of business I have recently decided to get it back up and running. I have learnt many lessons the first time round and now strongly believe it is important to plan ahead and stick to business goals etc. Your business plan should be a living document and reffered to on a regular basis. It is hard however getting the business back to where it was, you forget all the hard work in the begining to build it up. Thats where I am at the point in time with getting my name back out there and documenting the great responses etc. All the best!

I have learnt that just because my business is online, it is no different to a bricks and mortar store and need policies to reflect this.

People would not go into Target or Big W and say "hey will you hold onto this item for a few months until I decide to pay or change my mind" yet I found they were quite happy to make that request of me.

Now that I have set up policies, such as payment time frames and layby conditions, my time is spent giving better customer service to genuine customers and not the time wasters.

Happy first birthday Nic and congrats on a fantastic milestone! One of the biggest things I've learnt (aside from the work life balance thing I'm still getting a hang of!) is staying true to myself. This is applied to all areas of my business, from products I stock, to my ethics and ideals, my facebook page and blog, and ensuring my business fits around my family and enables us to have the best of both worlds. I believe (and hope!) it helps me to convey a 'consistent' front to customers and potential customers and allows them to feel confident in Sweet Desires as a brand and business.

i have learned that over the past year that with determination you can overcome any adverse situation even when you are about to loose everything...thankfully we survived and a silver ling appeared and we are now about to open our own chiili shop here in perth.

Happy 1st Birthday :) I have been running my business for two and a half years and a lot of what I have learned has been commented by others. I think the most important lesson I will take from this year is to turn off the computer and "leave" the office! Hard to do when it is in the lounge room.

Great competition! always carry business cards and give heaps to friends and family to hand out. Keep friends & clients up to date on where you at and what your next project is, they are the best advertisers (especially their gorgeous kids modelling your designs!) Also networking with other WAHM! Offer from free-bee conpetitions to Facebook "Likers". Talk to other who have already walked the steps you want to! Thanks Lee-Anne
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I have only really focused on my business since February but in that time I have learnt to never underestimate Facebook for networking with other WAHMs and growing your business and to always carry business cards - you never know when you might need them!

To always carry my business cards in my pocket or bag whereever I go. Murphy's law dictates I'm always asked when I don't have one on me. I've also learnt that it doesn't have to cost much to present your items for sale in an appealing manner when they are posted off to the customer. For example, I now wrap my fabric that I've sold in ric-rack and hang a small hang tag off that. A cute vintag-ey look for next to nothing.

Hi, firstly - great competition!! And also - great facebook page - I love receiving your tips, ideas and promotions!

I started my little online business almost a year ago and gee - I have learnt sooo many things. But one thing I've learnt in particular in relation to your forte of marketing - is that words can be very powerful and the art of copyright is something worth mastering. The way you word sales events, promotions and general information can really help to draw customers, increase sales, etc, etc.

A little bit off the topic - it's also been very helpful to hear other WAHM's, such as yourself, share experiences in juggling family, work and health. I find it supportive to hear others sharing similar experiences and challenges.

Well done for reaching your one year milestone!

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I have learnt, to be flexible, understanding to what the customer wants, and to consider the needs of all customers not just a target group. A quick reply to a question never goes astray, neither does adding personal touch to all the facets of your business.

I have learnt never to give up. It it all feels too much try doing little bits at a time.

The biggest thing I have learnt is to try and find your Niche item/range in the ever growing market of WAHP's. I think once I started focusing on those items and getting rid of all the products you find everywhere my business has started to grow!
I definately still dont know everything and need to start marketing my business!

The biggest thing i have learnt since starting my business almost 2 years ago, is to trust yourself!!
If you have faith in yourself, your products and what you are doing, you can achieve anything!
Have a plan, and stick to it, and believe in yourself!
I had so many people telling me that i would never make it when i was trying to set up my business.
And with many different set backs, they were almost right.
But the more i was told i couldnt do it, i was even more determined to make it!
Positive thinking & actions work wonders :)

firstly thank you for this opportunity

im a wahm of 3 special needs children, firstly i started supporting sahms 5 years ago while working full time as nurse but unfortunately i became ill so had to give up work due to being diagnosed with 3 illnesses so i wanted to find something where i could help others aswell as my family and other families i support tehn i found dream i wanted to become a marketer and help wahms by helping them grow there business the last 2 years have been both hard but very enjoyable you only have one chance at life so i have always said to my sahms live for the moment do what you want in life if you want to succeed in business work hard put hours in and you will be successful business owner im affraid business doesnt just fall in to your lap you have work hard and you will be rewarded with the great benefits as a wahm myself i have found exactly this there is always something new each day we can all learn thats the enjoyable part making your business work aswell as making your life not just a dream but a reality

Ive learnt too much to even list them all.. but basically do what you love and MARKET YOURSELF... it doesnt matter if you are the best of the best, if you dont market yourself correctly you will never 'make it'. I have also learnt that doing things cheaply is more worry than its worth, you need to charge what you are worth because ultimately anything taking you away from family (even if its something you love also) HAS to be priced properly to be worth the time and effort you put into it

Where to start through adverstity I have found my compulsive creative passion...that being party styling and event planning. I can whirl away in a wave of creativity and this takes me away from all my current stresses. What I have learn't is to put out one positive action every day and that if momentum is present it will finally meet opportunity. Being creative with small budget can lead to some frustration but with perserverance,love and passion (of which I have heaps) you keep getting up and keep going climbing! In love & light Yael. or facebook decorbyyaeleventplanner

The last 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind for me, learning the fine art of balancing my hobby business - Little Blossom Quilts- with a part time job, two children and the responsibilities that come along with all of these. What have I learnt? So many things- how to reach customers, how to package and present my handmade products, how important it is to create space and time for my "work". I have also realised that the product I create is something that people really love and that is a joyful lesson. After a year, I know that I want to pursue this part of my life and that... hey I'm pretty good at it!!

In the last 12 months I've learnt that handmade is not for me! I got so busy so quickly that it made my head spin and I buckled under pressure many times.

I've since sold my handmade business and am now focusing on something completely polar opposite, and focusing on my family.

To quote a friend of mine "Life beyond bows is fabulous!"

in the last 12months I have learnt that the key to my success is enthusiasm & hardwork! I am so thankful for my wonderful clients, supportive family & of course to Market Me which really does inspire me to run a better business everyday! So many handy hints that I have learnt & to help me along my way. Happy 1st Birthday 'Market Me'!!
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Being a foster mum I have a revolving door with kids, schedules change constantly. I do believe you need your allocated time to work, create, and design. I find the best time for me is when the kids go to bed. I am unable to get quality work time through the day with little kids. Having an online store helps as its 24/7 so I am able to work the late night hours.

I have been a work at home mum for just over a year and I have learnt so much in that time. I think the greatest lesson I have learnt is to get as much constructive criticism as you can about your idea or biz. A good idea can become a great one, just by talking to friends, reading blogs and networking with other WAHM's, as well as your customers. And have confidence in yourself and your idea!

I've learnt that my time is worth more than I've been charging for, and that I can't afford to charge a pittance just to make a sale. Time spent on my business is time spent away from my family afterall!

The biggest thing I've learned is that sometimes you need to step back - really step back - before you can move forward! And that change isn't a bad thing, especially when you feel the passion going.

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